2017 Democratic Slate Press Release

Peyton Turpin Leads Democratic Ticket in Harwinton

HARWINTON, CT, July 31, 2017—Peyton Turpin, an emergency department physician, who prides himself on not being a career politician, is the Democrats’ candidate for first selectman in Harwinton. He and the rest of the slate were selected Monday night, July 24,
at a Democratic Town Committee meeting.

“We are very proud of our slate and have been fortunate to have an infusion of new people with new ideas and a fresh vision. There is no better way to affect positive change in our community than to run for office on the local level, and our slate has taken that to heart.” said Harwinton Democratic Town Chairman Peter Brazaitis IV.

Among our new nominees running for office are Selectman candidate J. Richard Fowler, Board of Finance candidate Celeste Echlin, Board of Assessment Appeals candidate Franci Knight, Zoning Board of Appeals candidate Leslie Kelly and Board of Education candidates Wendy Darasz and Paul Honig.
Filling out the slate are Robin Ruwet Turpin for Town Treasurer; long-time Finance Commission Chairman Peter Thierry, running for reelection; Sandy Sulek for Board of Assessment Appeals; Debra Freidus, currently an alternate member of the Planning Commission running for a full seat on the commission; current member of the Planning Commission Roland Perreault running for reelection; former long-time Zoning Commission member Anne Marie Buonocore and current Zoning Commission member
Cynthia Casey, running for Zoning; current Selectman Nancy Shanley Schnyer running for Zoning Commission Alternate; and current Zoning Board of Appeals Member Peter Brazaitis IV running for his current seat. We co-endorsed Town Clerk Nancy Eldridge for her current position.

Payton Turpin, who spent the last six years as a clinical director for eight Pro-Health Physicians walk-in centers around the state, supervising hundreds of medical professionals, sees his background as a plus for the town. As the son of James Wesley Turpin, the founder of Project Concern International, he grew up understanding the close relationship between poverty and poor health and has worked with Project Concern to improve the lives of people in many parts of the world, most recently in  Guatemala.
“I’m a firm believer in being a voice for the people of this town. As a physician, I am a listener and strongly believe that the best way for Harwinton to be a vibrant community is through communication between government and its people.”

Said Brazaitis, “We have a very strong ticket. The public will be learning as the campaign progresses that our candidates have many skills and professional experiences, and they want to bring their ideas and concerns to bear on the myriad functions that keep our town running or challenge our town.”