Harwinton Zoning Committee looking at potential changes to zoning

Please Attend Zoning Meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 10, 7 PM Town Hall

Your Property Values Will Be Affected by Proposed Changes.
110 People Attended Last Week’s Zoning Commission Open Hearing on Proposed Zoning Regulation Changes.

Many Testified to Concerns With:
Vague regulations
Negative effect on residential property values
Lack of current enforcement that will only get worse
Changes will allow any business at any home with parking lots, outbuildings, tarp-covered storage, employees, big trucks. Zoning can close the Open Hearing and vote these changes in. Please testify and be heard.


Harwinton Residents: We live in Harwinton because it’s a quiet family town.

The Zoning Commission plans to allow businesses in any home.

These changes will allow:

  •  Parking lots on residential property
  •  Full-time employees in the home
  •  “Service areas” on the property
  •  19,499 pound trucks (maximum weight of a medium-sized truck)
    Zoning Commission Public Hearing, Monday, Sept. 25 at 7 PM, Town Hall

Tell the Zoning Commission where you stand.

Please attend the Zoning Commission Public Hearing
Monday, Sept. 25, 7 PM, Town Hall
Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Read the proposed changes: (Home Occupation changes are on pages 6&7)


Download the proposed changes document: Zoning Changes (Home Occupation changes are on pages 6&7)

Candidate Photos

We will be having an additional opportunity to have candidate photos taken on August 9th at 6:30 at the town hall complex.

Candidate Photos

We will be meeting at the Town Hall Complex to take photos of our candidates for the upcoming municipal election