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On the November 8th ballot, all voters across Connecticut will see this question, which they will get to vote YES or NO for:
“Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?”
Here is why you should vote YES for Early Voting:
● CT is one of only 4 states in the nation that does not allow for in-person early voting
● Early voting would spread out the crowds and make lines shorter on election day
● Early voting would increase turnout, particularly among demographics that lean democratic
● Early voting allows for the correction of errors
● Early voting helps mitigate the spread of COVID-19

VOTER FLEXIBILITY: Voting on Election Day can be challenging for so many people across our state— working parents, older individuals, commuters, and more. Early voting means more flexibility to cast your ballot.
MODERNIZING OUR ELECTIONS: Connecticut is behind the rest of the nation. We’re one of only 4 states that doesn’t allow citizens to vote in the days leading up to Election Day. Independent studies say we’re one of the four hardest states in which to vote.
SECURE VOTING: Nationwide, millions of voters cast their ballots early by voting in the days leading up to Election Day. These votes are securely recorded and counted, just like those who choose to cast their vote on
Election Day.
REDUCING WAIT TIMES: No one likes long lines and delays at the polls on Election Day. Early voting will increase voter turnout while also providing flexibility, security, and convenience.
Early voting will ensure every eligible voter who wants to take the time and responsibility to vote can safely have their vote counted and their voice heard, no matter if they choose to vote early or on Election Day. It’s a win-win for all voters.

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