Welcome to the Harwinton DTC (Democratic Town Committee)

The Harwinton DTC advocates for an inclusive and transparent town government that values fiscal sustainability, positive change, and collaborative leadership. We are committed to strong educational opportunities, smart business growth, and preservation of open space. We champion our Democratic ideals of community, compassion, and the common good.

Through our organizing and fundraising efforts;

We Support Candidates

The Harwinton DTC helps recruit and support candidates for municipal office, and as members on town boards and commissions, working to expand the Democratic representation in Harwinton.

We Support Causes

We create community projects and support existing programs that enhance the lives of Harwinton residents.

We Work With the State Democratic Party

The Harwinton DTC elects delegates to attend local, regional, and statewide Democratic conventions, and coordinate with the State Democratic Party.

We Encourage Participation

Many of our town’s boards and commissions require representation from multiple party affiliations. Democrat candidates and volunteers for our town’s boards and commissions are essential for balance and accountability in our town government.

All are welcome to attend meetings, which are typically on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Harwinton Town Library at 6:30 PM.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the HDTC at Harwintondems@gmail.com


  • Chairman – Diane Goldberg-Honig
  • Vice Chairman – Celeste Echlin
  • Secretary – Merrill French
  • Treasurer – Cynthia Banach

Paid for by the Harwinton Democratic Town Committee – Cynthia Banach, Treasurer